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When you think of pests getting into your home, you first thought maybe rat, cockroaches and mosquitoes. But however some birds can create troubles to especially if they find cosy lodgings in your roof or attic. No doubt birds can have their advantages; there variety and beauty can be pleasure to observe and some help control pest by feeding on insects and rodents. But at times, they can turn into pests themselves and present serious economic, health and safety concerns.

Q. - Where can paste birds make their nest in your home?

Some of the most common base birds are the common pigeon, house sparrow and starling. Mostly pigeons prefer to nest on tall buildings, roof voids and slope. Balconies, ledgers and pipes on the exterior and interior walls are among their favourite roosting areas. Any gaps larger than 25mm allows birds into your buildings to nest, feed and roost on.

Q. - What are the indication of birds infestation?

Your home can make an ideal habitat for pest birds as it provides them with shelter, food, water and a place to roost on. You should recognise the signs of birds infestation as soon as possible. The indication of bird infestation are bird noises, birds sitting on roof, ledges, their nests, dropping, scattered features and damaged stock.

Q. - What are problems created by birds?

You should get to know that the droppings of pest birds have a corrosive effects which damage the most surfaces - roof, walls or floors. Birds can cut a roof life in half while damaging air - conditioning units and other rooftop machinery. Your drainage pipes and ventilator can also be clogged with droppings, nests and feathers which further attract insects like beetles and moths. Do you know, pest birds increase maintenance costs and liability risks. Crores of rupees are lost each year due to contamination caused by bird droppings, feathers and parasites.

Q. - What diseases are caused by birds?

Pest birds can carry harmful organisms and parasites. Over 60 transmittable diseases can be passed to you from infected birds. Some of the diseases carried by pigeon are salmonella, bird mites, ornithosis, histoplasmosis and paratyphoid fever could make you seriously ill. It is important to act at the first sign of a bird infestation to avoid these associated health hazards.

Treatment for birds

Netting Treatment

For the treatment nets are typically used on windows and other openings from where birds may enter. An upward-pointing blunt metal spikes are used on ledges to prevent birds from sitting or landing there.