It's time to go to market to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits. Wait!! There is a lizard on your door. Do not step on it. Does this sound close to your situation at home mostly in summer season?

Q. - Where do you find lizards at home?

Lizards like cost places in your home. They prefer hanging out in small, dark, covered and cool places. Because lizards are cold blooded creatures, so they need to maintain their body temperature. They love sun bathing means the summer season is the time you will need to be careful. Places where you can find lizards are under your couch, chairs, bookshelves and potted plants. You may even find them peeking from behind hanging photos and frames and around the kitchen walls.

Q. - Do lizards bite?

Yes, they do bite. Most garden and house lizards bite are harmless. However, these bites are not poisonous but they can cause pain and severe diseases to you.

Q. - What diseases are caused by birds?

You need to be very careful of lizards, they carry harmful bacteria like salmonella. This is transmitted via their feces and urine and can cause serious problems. They contaminate your food and water. If a lizard fall into your food, it spoils all your food and produce poison in it, which can cause severe diseases and might risk your life.

Treatment for Lizards

Spraying Treatment

COPS has come out with a unique formulation that makes the lizard come out from their habitat and once the spray falls on it dies immediately. Another method is by using a glue pad for which the lizards stick to it.